Leadership Forum

Glave and Holmes Architecture

Our thanks to Glave and Holmes Architecture for Sponsoring the Leadership Forum.NCMC presents the Leadership Forum, a special networking and discussion program for senior leaders of museums and cultural institutions. You can sign up for the Leadership Forum w/ Museum Hack while seats are still available as part of the online conference registration process. Museum Hack is also leading a Monday session which is for everybody/anybody.

2018 Leadership Forum w/ Museum Hack

Museum Hack

Creativity, Messaging, and Leadership
Sunday, March 18, 2pm - 5pm (3h)

We've intentionally crafted our Creativity, Messaging, and Leadership Workshop to help take you out of your comfort zone. We’ll take down not-for-profit speak, break old habits & expectations, and fight against institutional inertia. But, perhaps most importantly, we’ll force you to take a fresh look at your museum. After all, we’re Museum Hack. This Workshop is an interactive experience; we don’t just talk about change, we put it into practice through creating the space to reimagine your own personal brand and the tone of your institution’s messaging, both internally and thru social media. The Creativity, Messaging, and Leadership Workshop will provide museum leaders tools to reanalyze sacred “best practices” and view your institution through the challenges and opportunities faced by your colleagues. What would you do if you had to start from scratch? What would change? What would remain the same?

We’ll focus on two key modules during the Creativity, Messaging, and Leadership Workshop:
  1. Step out of your normal role and reimagine your institution from the viewpoint of both a disengaged employee and a non-existent guest. By using the methodologies and most applicable best practices from the Audience Engagement Workshop, you’ll be provided with tools to identify next steps to reimagine adult museum experience in your space. What will be its objective(s)? How will you disseminate information and market this new type of offering? Who would you put in charge?
  2. Equipped with fresh narratives and storytelling skills from the Audience Engagement Workshop, participants will be tasked with taking large concepts and lengthy descriptions and—through a series of interactive exercises—parse their information down to form engaging and informative copy specifically for use on specific platforms (e.g. wall copy, email messaging, Facebook ads, Twitter, etc.)
Workshop Deliverables:
  • Investigation of how to identify team members that are truly engaged, those that aren’t, and how to strategize to get everyone’s buy-in moving forward, all in service of your institution’s mission. 
  • Utilization the 5 Elements of a Hack to improve both the efficacy and speed of your most important lines of communication. 
  • Design and honing of messaging that translates both exhibition information and curatorial jargon across platforms (from wall text to tweets) and audience demographics.